January 26, 1999

Determining Client Information

Question: I am trying to set up a small intranet and was wondering if there is a way to determine the client’s workstation name (for example, Computer Name in Control

Component Fails When Used Within ASP

Question: I am working on system that is built from many pieces, but they all use certain common settings. I developed a simple ActiveX DLL that reads those settings from

Displaying Exceptions’ Description

Standard exception classes are derived from std::exception (defined in the header). They all implement the member function what(), which returns a const char * with a description of the exception:

Easily Assign Containers

STL containers overload the assignment operator, thereby allowing you to easily assign containers of the same type to one another: #include #includeusing namespace std;void main() { vector vi; vi.push_back(1); vi.push_back(2);

Where is That Serialized Hashed Key?

When serializing a Hashtable in Java, make sure that the keys used to store objects are either primitives, or the key class’ hashCode() method overrides the superclass Object’s hashCode() method.