January 27, 1999

Obtaining the Version Information

Question: The VS_VERSIONINFO structure can be used to obtain file version data about files with extended version data. This structure is not included in Delphi 4.0, nor is it included

Is Delphi the New Pascal Compiler?

Question: I’m leaving Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5 and Turbo Pascal 7.0 because they don’t work correctly with Windows 95 (for example, division by 0). I heard that Delphi is

Exploring Table Information

Question: How do I interrogate tables randomly and print out their structures, components, sizes, and indexes? This ability would be useful in allowing me to check how I have created

Reduce the Clutter in Your VB IDE

Here’s another simple but useful add-in you can add to your arsenal. Follow the directions given in the previous tip “Add Remarks to Your Procedures,” with only minor differences. Use

Hide Enumerations for Validation

VB5 introduced support for enumerations, which are related sets of constants. Although you can declare a property as an enumerated type, VB lets you assign any long integer value to