January 28, 1999

Netscape DIV Tags

Question: How do I make the contents of one DIV (divA) equal to the contents of another DIV (divB) in Netscape? I know that in Microsoft Internet Explorer the code would be divA.innerHTML = divB.innerHTML Thanks for your help. Answer: Unfortunately, there is no way to do what you want

Challenge With JavaScript and Frames

Question: I would like to put my entire alternative no frames content in the NOFRAMES element instead of just a link to it. The advantage to this would be a better ranking in search engines by having your keywords repeated in your content. My dilemma is that I use a


Question: How can I get data from a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server and display it in a Web page? On a Visual Basic form, I can use a text box and use Network Dynamic Data Exchange (NetDDE) with the link topic \K_ddeNDDE$|icomwdrv-LCNS_Link$, and my link item is T4:0,L1,C1. The

Avoiding Tab Traversal for Non-Editable TextFields

To prevent a component from getting the focus when the Tab or shift-Tab keyboard focus traversal is used, override the isFocusTraversable method. It is often desirable to toggle a TextField in an interface so that it allows input at some times and disallows it at others. One way to do