February 1, 1999


Question: What’s an interface in Java programming? Answer: Conceptually, an interface is a class that defines a set of methods with no implementation. It is analagous to a pure virtual

Integer Size

Question: Our maximum int value is 32,768, but our minimum int value is -32,767. Why aren’t they the same? Answer: Because a short integer (2 bytes or 16 bits) can

IE Does Not Support Netscape’s Layer Tag

Question: I know that Netscape supports layers in JavaScript. Is there any way to make them work in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or 5? Answer: Unfortunately, no. Microsoft and Netscape

Global Fucntion in Datawindow fails in exe

Question: I’m working on PowerBuilder 6 under a Windows environment. I’m calling a global function in a datawindow object. This function gets called perfectly in the development environment, but it

security – object permissions

Question: Why can’t I revoke the “update” permission from four tables in a database in the object permissions GUI? I have successfully revoked “update” from all other tables in the

SysTray Popup Menu

Question: I’ve used your technique for getting the icon in the tray and for being notified when the user has clicked on it, but I’m having a problem getting a

Error When Performing Inserts on SQL Server

Question: When inserting data into a table that has an identity column that is also the key, the following error occurs: Non-Blob column in table is required to perform operation.

Using GetFileTime and CompareFileTime

Question: Could you please explain, along with examples, how to use the commands GetFileTime and CompareFileTime? I read the help topics but find it hard to digest what they say.