February 1, 1999


Question: What’s an interface in Java programming? Answer: Conceptually, an interface is a class that defines a set of methods with no implementation. It is analagous to a pure virtual or “abstract” class in C++. Java does not support multiple inheritance in the same way as C++. In C++, any

Variable Declaration

Question: I understand that Java variables can be declared public, private, or protected using a similar syntax as C/C++ where the access modifier is placed before the column of variables. For example: /* C/C++ declaration */class Foo{ public: int varX; float varY; int varZ; // implementation …}/* Java declarationpublic class

Hardware config. development server

Question: I plan to create a SQL Server 7 database containing about 40 – 70GB of data. The data will be generated by queries. How should I spend my money for a development server? What is most important–fast disk, cache, RAID or RAM, or processor speed? Will I be able

Alert Method Cannot be Modified From JavaScript

Question: Is there any way to change the font sizes and/or color scheme of the alert box? Answer: Both the alert and confirm commands rely on a platform’s standard message box functionality. As a result, both the color scheme and the fonts used depend on the user’s operating system and

SQL Server Query/Reports Tool.

Question: Can you suggest a good SQL Server query/reporting tool suitable for end users who are used to using the MS Access query builder/report generator? Answer: Why not stick with Access? It can query against SQL Server.

Relational Database vs Flatfile

Question: My company is in the process of evaluating packages to replace our current business application. All but one of them run on a relational database architecture. The other one runs on a flat file database. Could you please explain to me what the differences are between these two architectures

Watching Index Use

Question: The goal is to watch queries for their use, nonuse, or abuse of indices (using SQL Server 6.5). One of the problems is to be sure that a given index is no longer in use. If an index is dropped, is there any way to watch for a table

Access Modifiers

Question: When should I make member variables protected and when should I make them private? Is it a good practice to ignore protected variables? It seems to me that most of the time, you don’t want your subclass to be able to modify the member variables of the super class.

Copying data

Question: Is it possible to select only certain records from a table and copy those records to a new table? Answer: The easiest way to move only certain records from one table to another is to use the insert command with a select statement: ex. insert into new_table (col_a, col_b,

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