February 1, 1999


Question: What’s an interface in Java programming? Answer: Conceptually, an interface is a class that defines a set of methods with no implementation. It is analagous to a pure virtual

Variable Declaration

Question: I understand that Java variables can be declared public, private, or protected using a similar syntax as C/C++ where the access modifier is placed before the column of variables.

Hardware config. development server

Question: I plan to create a SQL Server 7 database containing about 40 – 70GB of data. The data will be generated by queries. How should I spend my money

SQL Server Query/Reports Tool.

Question: Can you suggest a good SQL Server query/reporting tool suitable for end users who are used to using the MS Access query builder/report generator? Answer: Why not stick with

Relational Database vs Flatfile

Question: My company is in the process of evaluating packages to replace our current business application. All but one of them run on a relational database architecture. The other one

Watching Index Use

Question: The goal is to watch queries for their use, nonuse, or abuse of indices (using SQL Server 6.5). One of the problems is to be sure that a given

Access Modifiers

Question: When should I make member variables protected and when should I make them private? Is it a good practice to ignore protected variables? It seems to me that most

Copying data

Question: Is it possible to select only certain records from a table and copy those records to a new table? Answer: The easiest way to move only certain records from