February 16, 1999

Mouse click

Question: How do I make the mouse click in VB 4? It just auto clicks without user inputs in the spot the mouse currently is. Answer: Without having to go into the Windows API here’s how: In the mouse_move events of the desired controls, either set the controls value to


Question: I use ADO with an Oracle database. To get the connection I have to use: dim Adodb as New ADODB.connectionwith Adodb .connectionString = ???? .openend with What do I fill in for the Adodb.connectionString? Answer: The ConnectionString property is a concatenation of several properties. A typical ConnectionString for Oracle

Text in VB5

Question: I’m a beginner to Visual Basic, and I would like to display in a text box several lines of text. However, when I enter the code under the command button, line 2 overwrites line 1. Is there an easy way to display several lines at once? In this case

Disable Textboxes and Combo boxes

Question: When a textbox or combo box is disabled, the black text within these control becomes grey. I would like to have all the features of disabling these controls, but with the text staying black. Answer: Place the control on a container such as a picturebox or frame and disable