February 18, 1999

NT as Primary Domain Server

Question: I want to set up my NT Server as my primary domain server. How do I do it? Answer: Unfortunately, the only way I know to convert a current NT non-DC (i.e., not either a PDC or BDC) server into a PDC is to re-install. There are ways to

MTS, ASPs, and State(less) objects

Question: When implementing the Microsoft DNA model, it is suggested to create objects with methods only (no properties) to maintain true stateless objects. If an object will only live for the life an ASP page (i.e., not across multiple round-trips to brower and back), why are method calls that much

16 bits vs 32 bits

Question: Can we transfer an application from 32 bits to16 bits (PowerBuilder 5.0) without problems ? Answer: The only thing you will have to check for is API calls. The API calls for 32-bit applications are not compatible with the 16-bit API, so you will have to convert any API

Parsing a comma-delimited text file

Question: Is there an easy way to load a datastore with a comma-delimited text file? Answer: Yes, just load the file into memory and do a global search and replace on the string. Replace all commas with the tab character. Then you can just use the ImportString function to bulk

Querying NT

Question: Is there a way to query NT 4.0 (programmatically or manually) to have it tell me whether it is NT workstation or NT server? Is the answer in the system registry or in the OS itself? Answer: Yes, the following code should work for you. Note that this assumes

Exporting dw to Excel using OLE using PB5

Question: I’m trying to export a report to Excel with OLE automation. I’m using PB 5.0.2 and Excel 97. I’ve seen countless examples on how to do this (in fact, I tried yours too!), but I keep getting an error when I try to call an Excel method. For example:

Adding DOS exe

Question: How do I add a DOS exe such as ping to a VB program? Answer: If starting another program is what you want, then use the Shell function. The syntax is Shell(pathname). The pathname parameter is the full path to the exe, plus any command line switches.

GetWindowsDirectory API 16 bit to 32 bit

Question: I have migrated an application from 5.0.03 to 6.5 and continue to get this error when pressing the Run button: Error – 14 – Error opening DLL library kernel.exe for external function Window/Menu u_external_function_api Object u_external_function_api Event uf_getwindowsdirectory line 1 This application is 16-bit and I am using the

Adding local groups to a NT Workstation

Question: I am trying to write an app that can add local groups to the NT security database on an NT workstation. When I use the netlocalgroupadd() function, I get an error saying that I do not have permission. Answer: According to the MSDN, “Only members of the Administrators or

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