February 19, 1999

Developing E-Mail System

Question: I want to develop a free e-mail system similar to what Hotmail and Yahoo offer. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on how to approach

Determining Shift Button State

Question: How can I determine if is down or up while dragging an object within my app? The goal is to detect if something is being copied or moved. Answer:

STL Containers Should Not Hold auto_ptr<> Members

During reallocation, a container re-constructs its elements in a new memory location and destroys the original elements by invoking their destructor. Since the destructor of auto_ptr deletes its bound object,

Using Files as Persistent Flags

In Java, static variables may be used as flags to maintain state between different instantiations of a class (see Tip: “Using Static Variables to Store State Across Instantiations”). However, the