February 25, 1999

Resources for Delphi 32-bit Programming

Question: Can you recommend resources to learn how to tackle 16-bit and 32-bit programming in Delphi? Answer: A number of good books that I’ve read include: All of Charlie Calvert’s

Displaying Changes to a Record

Question: I have set up a paradox table for multiple user access using the Netdir method, but when I post a record other users cannot see the changes until the

Database Reporting

Question: What is the best way to do a database report?in other words print a database? I have been having serious trouble with QuickRep. I specify the dataset but still

Delphi MDI Form

Question: Imagine an MDI application where the MDIFrame has many MDIChild forms?each one derived from TBlueForm class. The TBlueForm class has a public method named ChangeColor which only makes the

Using Stored Procedures Boosts Performance in ASP

Active Server Pages that utilize databases like SQL Server are no different than conventional programs in that they will experience a performance boost when you use stored procedures instead of

Lingering on Sockets

Java’s Socket class gives you control over how a socket handles queued data when it closes. This linger-on-close option allows you to dictate whether you want the socket to send