March 11, 1999

Cross Browser Database Application

Question: I am about to embark on a new Web-based application using Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL Server, and Visual InterDev. So, the back end is

Drawing With JavaScript

Question: It seems to me that you should be able to draw images in JavaScript by positioning single-pixel GIF images according to a given algorithm. First, how would you generate

Printing Out a Column in an Array

Question: What is the command for printing out a column? Answer: In general, you’ll probably use an HTML table, with a single cell in each row, to display your data.

Distributed Client/Server Architecture

Question: What are the features of a distributed client/server architecture? Answer: The Web is an ideal environment to implement applications that take advantage of a distributed client/server architecture. In fact,

Making an Alert Pop Up With a Message

Question: How do I make an alert that pops up and says “this site best viewed with IE4 at 1024 x 768”? Answer: Making such a popup is easy. Just

You Cannot Change the Title of an Alert Box

Question: How can I change the title of a JavaScript alert box from “www.www.www (JavaScript Application)” to whatever I want? Answer: Simple?you can’t. Unfortunately, JavaScript coders don’t have any control

Setting Your Default URL

Question: How can I set my home page as my default URL? Answer: Setting your default URL is done differently in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. From within Microsoft