March 11, 1999

Setting Your Default URL

Question: How can I set my home page as my default URL? Answer: Setting your default URL is done differently in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. From within Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, select View|Internet Options. Then select the General tab and enter the name of the URL that you

Cross Browser Database Application

Question: I am about to embark on a new Web-based application using Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL Server, and Visual InterDev. So, the back end is Microsoft, but the application must have cross browser functionality. Do you advocate using Perl-based CGI/DBD for database manipulation, which I

Increasing Internet Speed

Question: I own a 366MMX Pentium Intel II computer and the Internet still seems slow. Is there any way I can increase the speed of searches and downloading? Answer: The speed of your searches and downloading has very little to do with the computer processor or CPU clock speed. Instead,

Drawing With JavaScript

Question: It seems to me that you should be able to draw images in JavaScript by positioning single-pixel GIF images according to a given algorithm. First, how would you generate a single-pixel GIF file? Second, can you place such an image at a location with plus-or-minus one-pixel accuracy? Answer: You

Determining the Version of JavaScript Running

Question: How can I tell which version of JavaScript I am running? I have written JavaScript that runs under Netscape 3 and all the more recent browsers. Answer: In the case of Netscape Navigator, which version of JavaScript you’re running depends on the browser you’re using. In Internet Explorer, the

Printing Out a Column in an Array

Question: What is the command for printing out a column? Answer: In general, you’ll probably use an HTML table, with a single cell in each row, to display your data. The specific details of how you will generate that table depends upon how you are creating your Web page. If

Distributed Client/Server Architecture

Question: What are the features of a distributed client/server architecture? Answer: The Web is an ideal environment to implement applications that take advantage of a distributed client/server architecture. In fact, by definition, the Internet is distributed in that the server sends pages to a remote Web client. To this mix,

Deleting From a Join Table With an ADODB.Recordset

Question: How do I delete from an ADODB.Recordset that is created with a join expression and a where statement to minimize the result from the SQL query? I am using Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server 6.5 and I want to use the recordset delete function. Answer: You have to

Making an Alert Pop Up With a Message

Question: How do I make an alert that pops up and says “this site best viewed with IE4 at 1024 x 768”? Answer: Making such a popup is easy. Just add this JavaScript to the portion of your HTML page:

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