March 30, 1999

Setting Heap Sizes

If your Java program requires a large amount of memory, it’s possible that the virtual machine will begin to throw OutOfMemoryError instances when attempting to instantiate objects. In some cases,

Embed a User ID and Password in a URL

Frequently, a Web page or an FTP site has protected areas open only to those with a valid login. As you browse to the page, a form appears querying the

Use BreakIterator to Parse Text

Parsing text is a common, complex operation. For example, your application might need to allow users to enter text and then break the text into separate words or sentences for

Initializing const static Data Members

The C++ Standard now allows initialization of const static data members of an integral type inside their class. #include class Buff{private: static const int MAX = 512; //definition static const

A Simple Way to Detect Client Browser Type

There are so many tools and techniques to detect the client’s browser type. However, if you want a quick two-minute solution or you just want something simple, use this code