April 9, 1999

Beware of RegClean With Visual InterDev 6

RegClean is a free utility from Microsoft that cleans up your system registry. However, some users have discovered that at least one version cleans too deeply and damages their Visual

Subtle Differences Between C and C++

There are a few semantic differences between C and C++ in the way they interpret certain language constructs. These differences may not result in a compiler diagnostic, so it is

Read the Serial Number of a Disk

The new Microsoft Scripting Runtime library includes a FileSystemObject hierarchy containing several objects that let you obtain information about your drives, folders, and files. For example, you can retrieve the

Check Inequality of Database Field Values

Conventional wisdom suggests this code works fine when checking a field in a database-or any Variant, for that matter-for inequality to some other value: If ![Name] “abc” Then Debug.Print “”Else

Choosing Colors for Custom Components

When creating a custom user interface component, you often face the problem of deciding what colors to use while drawing the component on the screen. However, to a large extent,

Don’t Use VarType to Test for Objects

To test whether an argument passed to a procedure is an object or something else, use the IsObject function in place of the VarType function. Consider this routine: Sub TestType(arg

Use TypeName Instead of TypeOf…Is

To write reusable routines that work with multiple types of controls, test the control type using the TypeName function in place of the TypeOf…Is statement. For example, take a look

Handling the SysInfo Control

You can use the SysInfo control, distributed with VB5 and VB6, to write applications that can sport the Windows logo and that can behave intelligently when a system setting changes.