April 12, 1999

Listing admins for remote computers

Question: Is there a way to pass in a local workstation’s host name and get a return of a list of the local administrators for that workstation? I have seen

OpenUserobject on a tab control

Question: I am trying to use OpenUserObjectWithParm to dynamically open a datawindow on a tab page on a tab. All the objects are pfc descendents. I want to open one

Active Partitions Under NT with VB6

Question: I have to tell you, you solved a problem for me (rebooting NT from VB), which I’ve been trying to figure out for months. Much thanks. Now I can

VB – Scripting Host

Question: What am I missing? I can’t compile this: Private Sub Form_Load()Dim WshNetworkSet WshNetwork = Wscript.CreateObject(“Wscript.Network”)’ Local name mapped to remote share WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive “Z:”, “\NTc$”end sub Answer: Just leave off

Datawidowchild problems

Question: I have a datawindow d_case with a retrieval argument al_case_id. In this datawindow, I have two columns that are ddlbcolumn1 = judge with dddw_judge and column2 = contact with