April 13, 1999

std::string and Reference Counting

The Standard’s specification of class std::string is formulated to allow a reference counted implementation. However, this is not a requirement. A reference counted implementation must have the same semantics as a non-reference counted one. For example: string str1(“xyz”);string::iterator i = str1.begin();string str2 = str1;*i = ‘w’; //must modify only str1

Which Class is Returned by getClass()?

When a class is instantiated, the subsequent object is actually an instance of the most derived class in the class hierarchy. A point of confusion for some programmers is that if the inheritance hierarchy is several levels deep, which class actually gets instantiated and which method actually gets invoked (in

Dumping to a Remote Drive

For SQL Server to perform a dump to a remote drive (that is, another machine on the network), the ID that SQL Server runs under must have rights to the drive. Otherwise you will get a permission error when attempting to dump. Go to Control Panel and click on the

Restore Visual InterDev 6 Environment With a Click

When you are working in Visual InterDev 6, it is sometimes handy to reposition the Project Explorer, Toolbox, and Properties windows as floating windows. However, docking the windows again can be tricky. Instead, try selecting Design from the Load/Save UI combo box on the toolbar. Your key windows will snap