April 22, 1999

GIFs vs. JPEGs

Question: What is the difference between GIFs and JPEGs and when would you use either in Web development? Answer: GIFs are seen most often on Web sites. They are usually

Managing Your Links

Question: I have a Web site with a large number of links broken down into categories. This directory has become a nightmare to manage. Is there a way to automate

ASP’s Advantages Over CGI

Question: As a Web designer, I’ve used HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML in my projects. But now I see the need for server-side programming/scripts for my near future projects. I did

What are frames used for?

Question: What are frames used for? Answer: Frames came on the scene a few years ago as a way to display information from more than one HTML page at once.

Caution: Service Pack has Arrived

No product is perfect when it heads out the door. Sooner or later a service pack will be released. When using SQL Server, you should always be on the lookout

Cross-Platform Line Separators

When your application generates multiple lines of output and is responsible for manually separating those lines, you may be inclined to insert an instance of the linefeed character (usually represented

Detecting Browser Plug-Ins

Browser plug-ins, such as RealPlayer, Shockwave/Flash, Quicktime, and others, can add multimedia functionality to a Web site and help attract and retain visitors. If a particular visitor doesn’t have a