April 24, 1999

Is the Active Desktop Active?

Sometimes you want to know if the desktop is in Active Desktop mode-for example, to set an HTML wallpaper. I couldn’t find a function to accomplish this, but this hack

Grab System Fonts Easily

At times, you might want to retrieve the current system font settings, such as the font being used for window title bars, or the menu or message box font. You

Make Sure Data is Updated

When using bound controls, data is updated automatically when you Move to a different record. Data is not updated when you close the form. To ensure that data is saved

Setting the Log Stream

When debugging Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) problems, it can be difficult to locate the source of errors. However, one facility that can be used to accomplish this is the logging/tracing

Replace Form Buttons With Images

Let’s face it–the default gray buttons that come with all browsers to go along with HTML forms are not very attractive. If you have a good look and feel going

Defining Static Data Members of a Template

Templates can have static data members. A definition for a static data member can appear in a namespace scope enclosing the definition of the class template that contains the static

Debugging Connectivity Problems

Identifying and solving connectivity problems is a frustrating process. Here are some hints to make your life easier. First, verify that you can connect to your server outside of SQL

Is the NT Screen Saver Running?

Use this code to determine whether NT is running on its screen saver desktop. NT5 has an SPI function, but this code should work on any NT version: Private Declare

Loop on Non-Numeric Indices

You might occasionally need to execute a group of statements with different and unrelated values of a variable. For example, say you need to verify that a number isn’t a