April 29, 1999

Create Summary Tables Efficiently

Suppose you have a table that contains transactions for different products and clients. Each day you need to summarize this information. If you need to know the sales figures for each product, irrespective of the clients, the sales figures for each client regardless of product, and the normal grouping of

Count the Number of Script Objects on Your Page in Visual InterDev 6

Since the Visual InterDev Scripting Object Model wraps all its script objects inside a huge HTML Form, you can count the number of form elements using the form’s length property. However, you can only get an accurate reading of the number of elements after the HTML page has been rendered.

Using Types as Template Parameters

A template can take ordinary types such as int and long as parameters: template class Array // type int used a parameter {/*

Event Thread and Painting

Java uses the event thread to notify listeners of events by making calls to methods such as actionPerformed() and itemStateChanged(). However, this same thread is also responsible for repainting components. As a result, if your event handling code causes the thread to wait or to perform some long-running operation, your