May 2, 1999

How to use Properties

Question: I’m trying to set and save user preferences for an application to a local file. The java.util.Properties class looks like what I want, but I don’t understand how to

Object Oriented Databases

Question: How well can Visual FoxPro be a front end for object-oriented databases? Are there any in particular that work well with VFP? Answer: I am not familiar with any

Getting the active window

Question: I am using VC++ 5.0 to develop applications based on Windows 95. I want to get the HWND of the active window, which is receiving the keyboard or mouse

Smart Pointer

Question: Could you give me an exact definition of smart pointers, and how does a reference counting smart pointer work? Answer: I don’t believe there is an exact definition, since

Versions 5 and 6

Question: Can you have both versions 5 and 6 of FoxPro installed and make applications that work with either versions 5 or 6? I want to make an app for

MFC / Event Driven-Programming

Question: I’ve written a program using MFC that uses toolbars. I have an event that I want to change the state of some of the toolbar buttons (disable them, to


Question: I have two Visual FoxPro applications (App1 and App2) running in the same computer. App2 runs every 30 minutes. When App2 runs, App1 is slow because App2 consumes lots