May 2, 1999

Form Load

Question: What happens in the Form Load? If I try to retrieve information from a database (using a DataControl and TextBoxes connected to the database), I can’t get the program

How to Build an Online Help System

Question: How do I create an online help system to use in VB6? Answer: Try the HTML Help Workshop that ships with VB. It allows you to create a help

Registering DLL Files

Question: When I try to register a DLL I created in VB6, I get the message that tells me the DLL is not a valid windows NT image. At the

Maximum length of SQL

Question: Is there a maximaum length of an SQL program? I have used the query designer in Visual Foxpro 3.0 with many lines of criteria. When I try to run

MMX code in C++

Question: I am involved in a project the aim of which is to demonstrate the effectiveness of MMX for image manipulation. For this project I need to write some MMX

Is ‘delete this;’ a good idea?

Question: We have a use counted object with addRef() and removeRef() functions. When the reference count gets to 0, we want the object to be deleted. Is { delete this;

IRQ7 handler

Question: How can I handle in Windows an IRQ7 interrupt, generated by my own measurement device connected to parallel port? It was easy in DOS. Any generic code would be

How to use Properties

Question: I’m trying to set and save user preferences for an application to a local file. The java.util.Properties class looks like what I want, but I don’t understand how to