May 6, 1999

Keep Good Habits to Avoid Fatal Errors to Your Database

As a database administrator, you will unfortunately be called upon to respond at times when you are not at your best. It is exactly at those times that you need good habits to protect you. One of my biggest fears is that I will inadvertently do the right thing, but

Automatically Select the Entire Textbox Upon Focus

Sometimes you may want to automatically select all the text in a text box when it receives focus. This saves your user from having to hit delete or backspace to empty the previous contents. This happens frequently when form validation code detects an error and automatically sets the focus using

Use a Using-Declaration Instead of an Access Declaration

The access specifier of a base class member can be changed in a derived class by an access declaration, as in this example: class A{public: int n; };class D : public A{private: A::n; // access declaration changes access of A::n to private; deprecated}; According the ANSI/ISO Standard, the use of

Setting Dates With Calendar and GregorianCalendar

In Java 1.0.2, the java.util.Date class was used to represent a point in time, as well as to parse and format date values. However, as part of the internationalization features introduced with Java 1.1, most of the methods in Date were deprecated, and the java.util.Calendar and java.util.GregorianCalendar classes were added.