May 11, 1999

Lock the Back Door Too

An extended stored procedure called xp_cmdshell causes SQL Server to spawn a command shell and execute the command given as a parameter. For example, xp_cmdshell ‘dir c:mssqlackup’ would return a

Getting a Reference to the Parent Frame

Instances of java.awt.Dialog are often used to display error messages in an application. As a result, you may find yourself writing a component that displays a message in a Dialog

Property Builder Addin

This addin greatly accelerates the process of creating new property procedures, both in class, form, UserControl and UserDocument modules. You enter the name of the property, its type, its arguments

Collection Class Master Addin

This addin lets you quickly create a collection class, i.e. a CLS module that implements a class that behaves like a collection but only works with a well-defined type of