May 15, 1999

Finding duplicate values in a table

Question: I have a table with the following fields: Physician Patient # Procedure One of the Procedures is “X-ray.” How can I list the Patient # of anyone who has

DataWindowChild problems

Question: I have a datawindow d_case with a retrieval argument al_case_id. In this datawindow, I have two columns that are ddlbcolumn1 = judge with dddw_judge and column2 = contact with

SQL Server Transaction log

Question: Is there a way to turn off the transaction log while importing data? We are having a problem with a 1105 error. Answer: You cannot turn the transaction log

Replace – String replacement under VB4 and VB5

‘ A clone of the VB6’s Replace function for use under VB5’ Note: many routines in this collection uses the Replace functionFunction Replace(Source As String, Find As String, ReplaceStr As

ReplaceMulti – Multiple string replacements

‘ Perform multiple substitutions in a string’ The first argument is the string to be searched’ The second argument is vbBinaryCompare or vbTextCompare’ and tells whether the search is case

Overriding Default Object Serialization

Normally, all that is required to perform serialization of an object is to implement the interface. However, in some cases, you may wish to control how an object is