May 26, 1999

Delete an Item From Favorites

Question: How do I delete an item from Favorites under Windows NT 4.0? Answer: Under Windows NT 4.0, the favorites are saved in this folder: C:WINNTProfilesFavorites You can delete items

Pre-Fill a User Form

Question: I’d like to implement a script on my Web site that I’ve seen on other sites. This script asks visitors to register for free through a form as a

Netscape Displays a Blank Page

Question: My Web page works fine using Internet Explorer but if view with Netscape it displays a blank page. I think it has something to do with the table commands,

The Size of an Enum Type

In C, the size of an enumeration equals the sizeof(int). In C++, the underlying type for an enumeration is not necessarily an int–it can be smaller. Furthermore, if an enumerator’s

Invoking Methods Using Reflection

The java.reflect package enables a Java program to invoke methods on classes using the string names of the methods. This feature is the basis of the interaction between a Java