May 26, 1999

Netscape Displays a Blank Page

Question: My Web page works fine using Internet Explorer but if view with Netscape it displays a blank page. I think it has something to do with the table commands, but I can’t figure it out. Answer: Netscape browsers require that all HTML controls exists within an HTML tag pair.

Make a Cursor Appear in First Form Field

Question: When designing a form, like a login page, how do I make the cursor automatically sit in the first form field? For example, I ask for an admin number and a pin number. First, however, the user must click in the admin number input field box before they can

Pre-Fill a User Form

Question: I’d like to implement a script on my Web site that I’ve seen on other sites. This script asks visitors to register for free through a form as a requirement for browsing a company database. When visitors browse the database and spot a company (or companies) they’re interested in,

Delete an Item From Favorites

Question: How do I delete an item from Favorites under Windows NT 4.0? Answer: Under Windows NT 4.0, the favorites are saved in this folder: C:WINNTProfilesFavorites You can delete items from that folder.

The Size of an Enum Type

In C, the size of an enumeration equals the sizeof(int). In C++, the underlying type for an enumeration is not necessarily an int–it can be smaller. Furthermore, if an enumerator’s value is too large to be represented as an unsigned int, the implementation is allowed to use a larger unit.

Fight “Object Moved” Errors with Response.Buffer=True

There’s a mysterious error that users of some builds of Internet Explorer 5 may encounter on your site if you use Active Server Pages’ Response.Redirect method. Some users see this message in their browsers, often when they have used the back and forward button: Object MovedThis object may be found

Invoking Methods Using Reflection

The java.reflect package enables a Java program to invoke methods on classes using the string names of the methods. This feature is the basis of the interaction between a Java IDE and JavaBeans. To invoke a method on a particular class, obtain a reference to the object on which the