May 29, 1999

Obtain the ASCII Value of a Character

To obtain the ASCII value of a character, simply assign the char variable to an int variable. For example: char aChar=’B’;int charVal = aChar; Then System.out.println(“”+charVal); will print the ASCII

Simplify Command-Line Argument Parsing

ArgumentParser simplifies command-line argument processing by separating arguments into positional parameters and options (any argument starting with “-” or “/” is considered an option, which may specify a value). Construct

Create C++ DLLs to be Used in VB Apps

Some C++ programmers develop Win32 API DLLs that can used from Visual Basic programs. Use the __stdcall prefix with functions exported from the C++ DLL that you want to access

Move the Cursor to the Center

Use this simple subroutine to move the mouse/cursor to the center of an object. It’s useful for tab-like functions and default settings: Private Declare Function SetCursorPos& Lib _ “user32” (ByVal

Assure Compatibility

When working with ActiveX DLLs, many VB programmers build a reference DLL first, copy it to a subdirectory of the project directory, and set version compatibility to binary with a