June 5, 1999

Capturing the Output of a MS-DOS Program

Have you ever heard of redirected input or consoleapplications? Have you ever had the need to launch MS-DOS programs, wait for them toterminate, and then dump their output to screen?

Manufacture a Missing value

Visual Basic doesn’t provide you with a means for creating a Missing value, a feature that in some cases would prove useful in order to simplify the syntax of calls

Items of ParamArray can be Missing

When using the ParamArray keyword within a procedure, always remember that when the procedure is invoked from elsewhere in the program one of the argument might be omitted, and you

Correct usage for binary compatibility settings

When working on an updated version of a COM component, you should always enforce Binary Compatibility in the Component tab of the Project Properties dialog box. When enforcing binary compatibility

Counting Bits

It seems that the only way to count the number of 1’s or 0’s in a binary value is creating a loop that iterates on all the 16 or 32