June 5, 1999

Always run a component using Full-Compile

When testing a component in the IDE, always perform a full compilation. This ensures that VB checks the syntax of all the code in the component, which in turn guarantees

DirExists – Check that a directory exists

‘ Return True if a directory exists’ (the directory name can also include a trailing backslash)Function DirExists(DirName As String) As Boolean On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ‘ test the directory attribute

FileExists – Check that a file exists

‘ Return True if a file existsFunction FileExists(FileName As String) As Boolean On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ‘ get the attributes and ensure that it isn’t a directory FileExists = (GetAttr(FileName)

PrintRotatedText – Display a rotated message

Const LF_FACESIZE = 32Private Type LOGFONT lfHeight As Long lfWidth As Long lfEscapement As Long lfOrientation As Long lfWeight As Long lfItalic As Byte lfUnderline As Byte lfStrikeOut As Byte

Capturing the Output of a MS-DOS Program

Have you ever heard of redirected input or consoleapplications? Have you ever had the need to launch MS-DOS programs, wait for them toterminate, and then dump their output to screen?

Counting Bits

It seems that the only way to count the number of 1’s or 0’s in a binary value is creating a loop that iterates on all the 16 or 32

Never use the End statement

There are a lot of risks involved in using End in VB programs: your databases might not be correctly closed, your objects are not correctly terminated, etc. You should always