June 7, 1999

Put Your Check-Box Value Into Your Database

Jeremy Boschen pointed out an easy way to load a Boolean into a check-box control in the tip, “Use Boolean Variables for Check-Box Values” [101 Tech Tips for VB Developers, Supplement to the February 1998 issue of VBPJ, page 1]. Conversely, you might want to put the value of the

Add a Drop Shadow in IE4 or IE5

The latest versions of Internet Explorer (4.0 and 5.0) make it easy to add a dramatic drop shadow effect to regular text. Rather than creating bitmaps, try adding a style attribute and a filter. This code produces red text with a gray drop shadow: Welcome to my Page!

Inserting Quotations in Name to Table Column

Question: Is it possible to insert the single quote as part of a Name like O’Brian into a table using a SQL Insert Statement? Answer: Yes, use double quotes around the name. For example: insert into names (first,last)values (“Jim”,”O’Brian”)

Deletion Problem

Question: Is there an option to set deletion without getting logged? I have to delete two years of historical data but would like to keep this year’s data on my 80MB of rows. I created a new table for this year’s data and I truncated the old table. Is there

Compiling an MSC/C++7.0 Source Code

Question: I’m using MSC/C++ 7.0 to write a program for my Foxpro 2.5. How can I compile it to the Foxpro’s PLB format? Answer: You need the Foxpro LCK (Library Construction Kit).

SQL Select Statement

Question: In a SQL Select statement:Is it possible to define ORDER BY (random) Answer: The answer to your question is “no”. The ORDER BY clause must refer to specific fields within the table(s) being queried. You may want to post a description of what you are trying to accomplish by

Drop an Index From a Table Using SQL

Question: How would I drop an index from a table using SQL? Answer: Here is the syntax for the drop index command: DROP INDEX [owner.]table_name.index_name[, [owner.]table_name.index_name…]Ex. DROP INDEX authors.au_id_ind

Variable Not Found Error on Read Statement

Question: In FPW 2.6 I often get a ‘variable not found’ message when the read statement executes. This usually happens only the first time the screen is used in the program. Accessing the screen again will not cause the error. The ONERROR does not trap this error, and the dialog

Idle Processing Time

Question: I wanted to find the copy files wait screen (where it shows a file jumping from one folder to another). How can I do this and what is it called? Answer: What you need is the Microsoft Animation Control, which is installed when you install visual studio.