June 7, 1999

Put Your Check-Box Value Into Your Database

Jeremy Boschen pointed out an easy way to load a Boolean into a check-box control in the tip, “Use Boolean Variables for Check-Box Values” [101 Tech Tips for VB Developers,

Add a Drop Shadow in IE4 or IE5

The latest versions of Internet Explorer (4.0 and 5.0) make it easy to add a dramatic drop shadow effect to regular text. Rather than creating bitmaps, try adding a style

Idle Processing Time

Question: I wanted to find the copy files wait screen (where it shows a file jumping from one folder to another). How can I do this and what is it

Variable Not Found Error on Read Statement

Question: In FPW 2.6 I often get a ‘variable not found’ message when the read statement executes. This usually happens only the first time the screen is used in the

Drop an Index From a Table Using SQL

Question: How would I drop an index from a table using SQL? Answer: Here is the syntax for the drop index command: DROP INDEX [owner.]table_name.index_name[, [owner.]table_name.index_name…]Ex. DROP INDEX authors.au_id_ind

SQL Select Statement

Question: In a SQL Select statement:Is it possible to define ORDER BY (random) Answer: The answer to your question is “no”. The ORDER BY clause must refer to specific fields

Compiling an MSC/C++7.0 Source Code

Question: I’m using MSC/C++ 7.0 to write a program for my Foxpro 2.5. How can I compile it to the Foxpro’s PLB format? Answer: You need the Foxpro LCK (Library

Deletion Problem

Question: Is there an option to set deletion without getting logged? I have to delete two years of historical data but would like to keep this year’s data on my