June 8, 1999

Forms Not Showing Up in Taskbar

In VB3 you can set up an executable project to start up in the main subroutine, and it shows up in the Windows 95 taskbar: Public Sub Main() Load frmFoo

Form-Level Variables Won’t Clear

When you use multiple forms in a project, make sure you explicitly set a form to Nothing after you unload it. If you don’t, simply unloading the form won’t necessarily

Use Refresh, Not DoEvents

When executing code and tying up the system, developers often use a label or status bar to display messages. If you simply assign your text or message to the control

Be Careful When Mimicking Tool-Tip Help

Be careful about tips to easily duplicate tool-tip help with only tip control and mouse events. If your “tip” control doesn’t have the same parent as the control you’re moving