June 24, 1999

Automatically Execute Stored Procedures When Starting SQL Server

Use sp_procoption to execute a stored procedure automatically at the time of starting SQL server. The stored procedure that needs to be executed should be created in the master database and owned by a member of the sysadmin role. You can use this procedure to automate tasks like backups and

Use the CSS Visibility Property to Hide and Show Absolutely Positioned Elements

You should use the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) visibility property to hide and show absolutely positioned elements. There is no need to use the CSS display property in the case of an absolutely positioned element, as display and visibility have exactly the same effect. Both display and visibility make an

Generate Beeps in Your Application

Many applications use an audible “beep” sound to signal that an error has occurred or to get the user’s attention for some reason. For example, a user interface that allows the user to enter only a certain number or type of characters into a field (i.e., a field that can