June 28, 1999

Debugger Isn’t Invoked

When working on developing or debugging an app created by automation (for example, by ActiveX DLL), if you normally invoke that app from a calling program (EXE), leave the calling program running and run the app you’re debugging in the VB Integrated Development Environment (IDE)-gotcha! Your debug and breakpoints won’t

Where Did It Go?

Have you ever wondered why your ActiveX DLL with a form doesn’t show up in the taskbar? Because you’re showing the form modally (.Show vbModal). VB4 only allows DLLs with a user interface to be shown modally. VB5, however, has no such limitation. If you want your VB5 DLL to

Migration from FOCUS 6.0 to SQL Server 7.0

Question: Are there any tools coming with SQL Server 7.0 for this migration from FOCUS 6.0? If not, what is the best way to accomplish this migration? Answer: Yes, DTS (data transformation service) is the tool for this. You will need to export the Focus data into text files, then

Business Rules and Semantic Object Models

Question: What are business rules in relation to a DBMS. Do you have any posssible examples for a university database? Also: Do you have any hints to drawing a Semantic Object Model for a relationship between A university, its three campuses, donors of funds, students and staff? Answer: Business rules

SQL and Using Text and Combo Boxes

Question: I write a statement such as frmStatistics.datStatistics.RecordSource = “SELECT * FROM tblSpecialGroup Where Sex = ‘M’ AND Date BETWEEN ‘” & “051099” & “‘” & ” And ” & “‘” & “051499” & “‘”. This statement draws up records from my database that are Male and between the dates

Replication: Many Clients, One Central DB

Question: Being new to SQL Server 7.0 I wanted to get other opinions on this: My company has many clients using a proprietary db schema that will replicate transactions to a central db. The central db will then be used to route these transactions to their appropriate destination. Now, incoming

Event in a form

Question: I’m a beginner VB programmer and am having problems figuring out how to handle events in forms. I have a class that raises an event for each step in a series of processes. The event passes a string. I have a form that uses the class WithEvents and it