July 1, 1999

Determine Server With ServerVariables

Question: We have users coming into our homepage from two different servers. I would like to differentiate what gets shown (text, links, and so forth) based on the server that

Using Integral Types With Explicit Sizes

The actual size of the built-in integral types are machine dependent (see also the Tip Standards Provide Guarantees Regarding the Sizes of Integral Types): //built-in integral types with machine-dependent sizeschar

Consistent Project Descriptions

Always set the Description property of your ActiveX projects (found in Properties) to be prefixed with your company name or initials. That way, all your internal objects and components will

Clean Up Your Objects—In the Right Order

Although Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) eventually removes your unused database objects (called garbage collection), poor coding can squander the server’s resources. If your Web server drags or even fails