July 2, 1999

Make Web Visitors Use the Front Door

When you design a Web page using frames, you expect visitors to start at the address of the frameset holder, for example, default.htm. However, people who are linking from a search engine may end up bypassing the frameset. The link points directly to a page that was never meant to

Use OLE Automation to Print Access Reports

You can print canned reports in an Access database from VB in different ways. I created this routine to print any report with any criteria or filter from any database. It opens Access with the user- or program-controlled database, then opens the report in the mode specified. In order for

Use RDO to Access Stored Functions and Procedures on a Server

This code illustrates a VB5 routine that calls a given server’s stored functions or procedures. The first parameter is the stored function procedure name that resides on the server (ORACLE, SQL Server, and so on). The second parameter is a dynamic array that takes an arbitrary number of input arguments

Quickly Create IDL That is Compatible With Visual Basic

You can quickly create IDL (Interactive Data Language) that is compatible with Visual Basic by simply building a server with the Visual Basic IDE that contains the intended interface definitions. Examine the server’s type library with the OLE View utility. The type library viewer of OLE View reverse-engineers the equivalent

Find Out Who is Connected to an Access Database

If you’re creating a Jet-based multiuser database system, you’ll sometimes need to know who is currently connected to the shared database. To get this information in situations where you don’t want to integrate a full Access security system, you have two choices. First, you can code in your own “connected

Implementing COM Interfaces in VB

You should not derive one user-defined COM interface from another user-defined interface when it comes to implementing COM interfaces in VB. A Visual Basic class can inherit from an interface, but one interface can’t inherit from another. This means that Visual Basic allows only one level of interface inheritance. Visual

Passing Arguments By Reference/Pointer in ASP

Question: I am using a COM object written in Visual C++ using MFC. One of the object methods has a signature like this:void Function(BSTR, BSTR, long*)Whenever I call this method I get a type mismatch on the last parameter. How can I pass a long* from an ASP script either

Adding Virtual Directories to Your Project

Question: I am importing an existing site into a Visual InterDev project. However, a key virtual directory is not being included in this import. How can I force/cajole InterDev to include this directory and its contents? This directory is not referenced in or by the rest of the site directly

Automatically Calling a Function When a Page Ends

Question: Is there any way to call a function automatically when an ASP page ends? I know about Application_OnEnd and Session_OnEnd but isn’t there any “Page_OnEnd” function or some way of simulating it? Answer: The key here is what you mean by “when an ASP page ends.” If you are

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