July 7, 1999

Create a Timer Using the Static Sleep() Method

The simplest way to create a timer in Java is to use the static sleep() method on the Thread class. This code shows a main class that has a while loop for implementing the timer. The argument read in on Line 5 is used to set the interval for the

Accessing an Existing Instance of an Object in IIS

Question: I have an app exposing a connector class that returns a reference to a single internal global object. This app runs continuously and I want to display status info in an ASP page. When I run code in ASP to do this, it creates a second instance of the

Accessing Recordset in Another ASP Page

Question: I am creating a site with a public area and a secure area, which is broken into three parts. To enter security, the user goes to LogIn.htm and enters their name and PW. Then they can choose to go to area 1,2,or 3. The problem is that I can’t

Activate Popup Hints

Question: I want to activate those small popup windows (the ones that appear when you hold your mouse over a program icon in the Taskbar to tell you what appears in your title bar) on parts of my applications. I’d like to do it in the Taskbar as well as

Adding Resources to an EXE

Question: How can I add resources to an EXE or DLL? I am using Delphi 3 at the moment. For example, I want to use a new Cursor (a self created 32×32 bitmap), but I need to add it first to the resources of the application before I can use

Problem Closing Forms

Question: I created the main search screen form SearchScrn (fsNormal) with the ability to create as many new forms on the fly (they are not children of MDI form) as possible after a search is refined. I can close all of these forms using one button click event: procedure TSearchScrn.CloseAllBtnClick(Sender:

Accessing a Client’s date&time Within ASP

Question: I have an ASP that records a text of notes created by a user. I save this note in a database along with a date&time stamp. If the client is in a different time zone, the app picks up the date&time from my server. I want to pick up

Converting a System Date to a Text String

Question: I want to retrieve the system date and convert it to a text string. I can get the system date (using the Date() function call), but I cannot write the date to a text file (using the WriteLine method from a TextStream object) unless it is in a string

Reading Across Mulitple Forms on One ASP Page

Question: I have two forms on my ASP page. The first form uses the &qout;Post” Method and second uses the &qout;Get” Method. The form using the “Get” method has a textbox with a value. How can I get the “Post” form to read the value of textbox in the “Get”

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