July 12, 1999

Submitting Forms to Different Pages

An HTML form usually looks like this: where you have to specify the action within the Form tag, thus limiting a “post” method to only one destination. However, the JavaScript

Cumulative Summary in SQL

Question: I need a summary-select which summaries cumulative values. This one works in Microsoft Access: SELECT s.nl_item_id, s.nl_value, ( SELECT sum(sub.nl_value) FROM TABLE1 sub WHERE sub.nl_item_id

Typecast Text to LPARAM

Question: How do I typecast text to LPARAM? LPARAM is supposed to be an integer, but clearly the API call wants text. I’m assuming I missed some pchar>string or pointer

Directory Browsing

Question: When the browser is pointed to a directory with no default HTML page then, in most cases, it shows the directory contents. Is it possible to create an HTML

Speed Up Run Time

Question: My executable takes almost a minute to run. How can I speed up the process? I am not running any queries at this point?I wait until I actually show

Put a Variable in a SQL String

Question: How can I put a variable in a SQL string? For example: input:=edit1.text;query1.sql.add(‘select * from address where name like ‘); Answer: Since SQL.Add takes a string, all you need

Create an Invoice

Question: I need to create an onscreen invoice. I can figure out Supplier name, Customer name, and so on. But I can’t figure out how to do the body?for example,

String to Float

Question: How do I add two label values together and submit the answer to another label? Label19.Caption := FloatToStrF(Table1Standard.AsFloat,ffCurrency,15,2)Label20.Caption := FloatToStrF(Table1Zero.AsFloat,ffCurrency,15,2)Label21.Caption := StrToFloat(????????? Answer: This is one of those things