July 12, 1999

Submitting Forms to Different Pages

An HTML form usually looks like this: where you have to specify the action within the Form tag, thus limiting a “post” method to only one destination. However, the JavaScript

Undeleting Records from Paradox Tables

Question: How can I undelete a record from a Paradox table? Answer: You can’t. Period. When you delete a record from a Paradox table, its space still exists, but its

What is New in Visual Foxpro 6.0

Question: I have been developing software in Foxpro 2.5 for DOS for many years. I have just bought a licensed VFP 6.0, I want to know what is new in

BDE Engine Error When Installing Delphi 3

Question: I used InstallShield that comes with Delphi 3 to install a Delphi 3 program on another user’s computer running Windows 98. The install includes the full BDE and two

How to Prevent Corrupt Indexes

Question: How do I prevent corrupt indexes or automate the rebuilding of corrupt indexes? Answer: Prevent corrupt indexes by taking steps to prevent the crash of an application: 1. Consider

Passing Collections Between ASP Pages

Question: I am generating Active Server Pages using Visual InterDev and VBScript. I have fetched all my records from the database through my ActiveX DLL into a collection variable. Can

Determine Which Controls are on a Form

Question: Is there a simple way to ascertain the names of all the controls on a particular form at run time? Answer: Every TComponent descendant has two properties, ComponentCount and