July 20, 1999

INSERT and ORDER BY in Creating Views

Question: I have a problem with Views. If I make this query: INSERT INTO ACHATSSELECT DISTINCT VINS_ACHAT.PRO, VINS_ACHAT.QtebouteilleFROM VINS_ACHAT then this is a good one. But if I want to

Field Names Are Invalid

Question: I’m using SQL queries in Delphi 4 to access a database. Some of the field names in the database are either reserved keywords or invalid in some way (for

Sorting by StartDateTime

Question: I have a field called StartDateTime. In Microsoft Access it contained only a time. My code used to sort this field properly when outputting, so that morning events appeared

Finding Table Names

Question: If I don’t know the table names beforehand, how do I get the table names out of the database? Answer: Use this: SELECT NAME FROM SYSOBJECTS WHERE TYPE =

Adding Columns Via Data Ranges

Question: I have two tables, “grade” and “assignment”: TABLE FIELDgrade grade (char i.e. A..F) low_range high rangei.e. ‘A’, 80, 100 ‘B’, 60, 80 etc.assignment s_ref assign_no grade (numeric i.e. 78)


Question: What is the function of the DECLARE keyword in an SQL program? I am aware you can DECLARE cursors in embedded SQL. Are there any other instances where DECLARE

Embedded Spaces in Column Names

Question: I’ve inherited an Access database with embedded spaces in the column names. I use SQL with Visual Basic and want to select these columns and alias them so that