July 27, 1999

Importing Data Containing a CR/LF

Question: How can I import data into a datawindow if the data blob contains CR/LF as part of its data? I am using and dw.importstring for distributed data transfer.

Changing an Installed Code Page

Question: How do I change the code page in SQL Server 7.0 once it has been installed? Answer: The code page is selected with sort order upon install. Though you

Dropping Tables at Beginning of Statement

Question: I am trying to create a procedure that first drops the table “table” but only if it already exists. How do I create the statement using “if exists” or

Converting from FoxPro to Oracle

Question: Can you convert Visual FoxPro forms and reports to Oracle forms and reports? If you can, how is this done? Answer: I am not aware of anything that performs

Hiding the Main FoxPro Window

Question: Is it possible to completely hide the main Visual FoxPro window when I run an executable? In my main program, I use “_VFP.Visible = .F.”, but the main window

Using MS Word to Spell-Check in PowerBuilder

Question: I need to incorporate Microsoft Word 97 spell-check functionality into PowerBuilder. Which MS Word functions are required to do the task? Answer: To interface to the Word spelling checker

Inserting Page Breaks in a Report

Question: How do I insert page breaks into a SELECT report? The report is sorted by a column that contains about five separate values, and I would like a new