August 2, 1999

Use REFIID instead of const IID&

Because GUID are 16 bytes in size, you don’t want to pass them by value. Instead, you should pass them by reference. This is why Queryinterface takes a constant reference.

Use Connection Pooling to Enhance Performance

You can experience a great increase in database performance if you utilize connection pooling. Creating a connection to a database takes a lot of time and resources. If every you

Communicate With the Server Using XMLHTTP

f you’ve been working with Extensible Markup Language (XML) anytime lately, you’ve probably realized what a powerful language it can be. You can do all kinds of interesting perambulations to

Quick-Start XML

o, you’ve been too busy earning an honest living to get into XML, and your data couldn’t be more disorganized. Don’t worry, because building upon the Visual Basic skills you