August 6, 1999

Give Descriptive Error Messages to the User

Error messages should be passed on to users so that they are always aware of the problems they have encountered and will perform the requested actions. Although you cannot use

Copying a String Object to a Vector

Although the string class is very convenient for most string manipulation operations, it may be necessary sometimes to copy the contents of a string to a different container, e.g., in

Make One Form Parent of Another

Prior to VB5, when you wanted to make a form appear on top of another form, you either made it modal or used an MDIForm with children. If you wanted

Avoid Binary Compatibility Problems

To prevent losing the ability to maintain binary compatibility with compiled object code, take the first compiled build and move it into a separate directory, then tell VB to maintain

Tell Me It’s True

The typical method of validating multiple expressions is to string together a series of If statements separated with an equal number of And statements. Shorten that process by passing one