August 10, 1999

Nonblocking I/O

Question: Say I have 10 sockets and I want to have a thread which checks for a message from the sockets using their InputStreams. The thread will wait in the

Capturing KeyEvents

Question: How can I capture KeyEvents in a Frame that doesn’thave any TextFields or TextAreas? Answer: To enable a particular AWTEvent in a Component it suffices to add alistener for

A Simple Sort Not Working

Question: I have the following: sql=”select * from products” How do I sort or order by two columns retrieved in the “*”? Answer: You need to specify them directly in

ASP String Functions

Question: I have a string that changes in length and has information separated by commas. For instance, it might contain something like: agfd, addc, aprev, ads, adft I need a

Get Milliseconds From Time in ASP?

Question: Can I get milliseconds from time in ASP? For example, 12:30:00.234 HH:MM:SS.fff. Answer: No, not without using a custom COM component that will return the milliseconds. But then, by

Cannot Use Server.CreateObject on Client

Question: I created an ActiveX DLL that contains a class used to hold application settings. I registered the DLL (and a subsidiary DLL) on the Web server, but when I

MySQL to MS SQL Syntax

Question: I have the following dump for MySQL and am having a problem getting it corrected for MS SQL. Can you help? Here is the dump file: # MySQL dump

Catching Exceptions

Question: Do you have to individually catch each exception that a method maythrow? Or can you just have one generalized catch?For example, can I do this?: try{ method1 //which throws