August 10, 1999

Submitting a Form Without a Submit Button

Question: How can I submit a form in ASP without a user clicking on a button? I tried: nameofform.submit() but I get the error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01a8’ Object

Window Maximization

Question: How do you set the maximized state of a window within code? Answer: The Java AWT does not provide an interface for maximizing a window.The Swing JInternalFrame supports a

Killing a Form

Question: Is there a way for me to kill, destroy, release, or otherwise cancel a form that has hung, without quitting the current instance of Visual FoxPro? I’ve tried practically

Foreign Keys

Question: How do I temporarily disable foreign keys in a table, insert more rows, and then enable them again? In particular, I need to know about syntax and what the

Nonblocking I/O

Question: Say I have 10 sockets and I want to have a thread which checks for a message from the sockets using their InputStreams. The thread will wait in the

Editing Report Details in Print Preview

Question: Is it possible to edit report details in a print preview window? For example, if the report previewed has a line in it that I wish to remove, can

List Selection Actions

Question: When someone selects one item on my list, I want an inputfield to appear next to it. How do I do this? Answer: Rather than provide you with the

Generating KeyEvents

Question: How can I generate a Key Event from Java?I need to generate a KEY_TYPED Event, so the focused Component accepts it like normal key action. Answer: All you have