August 11, 1999

DHTML Options Object Generation

Question: I tried loading two frames in the browser called “TOP” and “BOTTOM”. The “BOTTOM” frame loads a JavaScript file (j1.js) and another two frames in it called “LEFT” and “RIGHT”. In the “LEFT” frame, a form called “formA” contains a button “B1” and a select object “S1”. Every time

Displaying Items Above ActiveX Controls

Question: I am using tags as dropdown menus at the top of my pages. But if I have an ActiveX control below my menu then the dropdown menus’ fall drops in behind the control. I have tried to set the z-index but this only works with HTML objects, not with

Retain Values in a Page in ASP

Question: Is there any way to retain values in a page (text box, check box, radio, and so on) after going to some other page and coming back? I don’t want to use any application or session level variables. Answer: Because you do not want to use application or session

Using Form Elements in DHTML

Question: I am having a problem accessing the form elements that are inside a DIV tag. It works in Internet Explorer but not in Netscape. The alert comes in both the browsers, but the next statement does not work in Netscape. Here is my code: Document Title This is in

Issue Authorization Number on Form Confirmation

Question: I need to create a page that will issue a unique authorization number after a customer has filled out a form. I have created a form that writes to a database and then displays a confirmation page. Can I get the confirmation page to generate an authorization number using