August 12, 1999

Functions Returning Arrays

Question: Is it possible for a function to return an array instead of a single value? Answer: No but, then again, you don’t really pass arrays as parameters, either. What

Creating a Callback Function Pointer

Question: I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and am trying to create a callback function pointer to the public member of a class, but I keep getting the following

Linked Lists and Recursion

Question: I am using several large data structures as linked lists to process some data. Many of my helper functions use recursion. Because of the size/amount of data that I’m

C Equivalent in C++

Question: What is the C++ equivalent of the fflush(stdin) statement in C? Answer: Fortunately, although C++ offers many new ways of doing thing, it still includes everything that was in

Handling Extremely Large Integers

Question: I’m trying to write an app that handles some complex mathematical functions, but am hitting a wall in regards to the int data type. I need to store and

Determine Date Format on the Server

Question: Is there any way I can use ASP to get the date format on the server? I don’t want to return a date and then print it. I want

Using MS Office Objects From ASP Pages

Question: Is it possible to create a server-side object so that an ASP page can gain access to Microsoft Office information? I am trying to find a way to edit