August 25, 1999

Passing Parameters to an ASP Page

Question: How do you pass parameters from an HTML page using either Java or Visual Basic to an ASP page? Answer: You do not need Java or VB to pass parameters. If you can call your ASP page, you can pass it parameters using the Query String. To call an

Use Underscores When Dealing With Long Strings

Question: Why do I get an “unterminated string constant” error message in this code? Answer: You can’t let your strings wrap onto multiple lines without using a continuation character. The continuation character is the underscore character, and you can build a long string like this: rs.Open “select job_description ” _

Carefully Identify Pages to Convert From HTML to ASP

Remember that the .asp files require extra processing at the server end. Therefore, you should not blindly convert all of the HTML pages in your application into ASP pages when migrating to an ASP environment. Carefully identify the pages that will require this transition and convert only those files that