September 7, 1999

Adding Records

Question: What is the best (fastest) method to add records to a SQL 7 database using VB and ADO? I am currently using the recordset methods and it could take

Dynamically Create Reports

Question: Using Visual Basic 6.0, I created a reference to a HTMLDocument object. I built a basic HTML page template and displayed it within a Web browser control on a

Cursor Customization

Question: I can set the cursor to a variety of stock cursors (e.g., HAND_CURSOR)but would like to use my own images to extend the availablecursors. Is this possible? Answer: JDK

Creating Remote Views

Question: How can I make a form that accesses and modifies SQL databases the same way I do with a .dbf database? Answer: You can accomplish what you need by


Question: In Java, how do I achieve the same functionality which is provided byclass destructors in C++? Is there a destructor method in Java? Answer: Java does not possess the

Modify the CSS Clip Property in a DIV

Question: How can I change the values of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) clip property after the DIV is created? Answer: For the current releases of Navigator and IE (IE

C++ abstract classes

Question: What are Abstract Classes? Please explain with an example. Answer: An abtract class has at least one pure virtual member function. A pure virtual member function is a non-implemented

Constant Pointer

Question: Can you expalin the difference between the following statements in some examples and when do we need them: const char *ptr; //char *const ptr; // Answer: The following statement:

Designing XML Objectively

Question: I am having problems designing my XML doc. I’d like togeneralize it using common structure names but it appears that the DTD/Schemafor it can’t fully describe it. Here is