September 13, 1999

Moving the Master and MSDB Databases

Question: How can I move the master and msdb database devices to another disk in SQL Server 6.5? Can I mirror them and then unmirror them, swapping to the mirror

yymmdd-to-yyyymmdd Date Format

Question: Is there a way to automatically convert the date format from yymmdd to yyyymmdd? Answer: Yes there is. Check out the STYLE argument of the CONVERT function, which displays

Listview Control Colors

Question: I have a number of bitmaps displayed in the Listview control. However the colors are limited and are very different when they are displayed in a graphics program. Is

Developing Windows CE Apps

Question: Can Visual FoxPro be used to develop applications for Windows CE? Answer: No, Visual FoxPro cannot be used to develop applications for Windows CE. However, you could develop VFP

Unable to Update Cursor

Question: When I try to build an app (.exe) I get the error message “Cannot update the cursor.” All the prg, menu, and forms seem to work (i.e., compile with

Sending Internet E-mail

Question: I am trying to send e-mail from my PowerBuilder app to an e-mail address that is not in my address book; it’s an Internet e-mail address. I do not

Message Box for Unsaved Changes

Question: How do I get a message box to appear if users have not saved their work, asking them if they want to save their work? (I am using PowerBuilder

SQL Query in FoxPro Reports

Question: I am doing calculations in reports using SQL and FoxPro 2.6 for Windows. My SQL query works fine, except for one thing. I want to display information in the