September 13, 1999

Moving the Master and MSDB Databases

Question: How can I move the master and msdb database devices to another disk in SQL Server 6.5? Can I mirror them and then unmirror them, swapping to the mirror device ? Answer: I don’t think you can move the master and msdb after install. I would not recommend mirroring

Toolbar Icon Without a Menu Item

Question: How do I create a toolbar button without also creating a menu item? Answer: Add a menu item as normal and then set the toolbar details for the menu item. Finally, make the menu item invisible and leave the toolbar icon visible.

Displaying Retrieved Text in a Certain Manner

Question: When char data is retrieved, is there a way to display it in a certain way? An example would be a phone number. If the phone number data is nothing but a string of numbers, is there a way to tell the query to output it as 123-456-7890 instead

yymmdd-to-yyyymmdd Date Format

Question: Is there a way to automatically convert the date format from yymmdd to yyyymmdd? Answer: Yes there is. Check out the STYLE argument of the CONVERT function, which displays a date any way you can imagine.

Listview Control Colors

Question: I have a number of bitmaps displayed in the Listview control. However the colors are limited and are very different when they are displayed in a graphics program. Is there a fix for this? Answer: You need to make sure that you keep the number of colors in each

Developing Windows CE Apps

Question: Can Visual FoxPro be used to develop applications for Windows CE? Answer: No, Visual FoxPro cannot be used to develop applications for Windows CE. However, you could develop VFP applications that manipulate data captured with a CE device, assuming that the data has first been transferred to a PC.

Unable to Update Cursor

Question: When I try to build an app (.exe) I get the error message “Cannot update the cursor.” All the prg, menu, and forms seem to work (i.e., compile with no errors) OK, but will not make an app or .exe. What is going on? (I am using Visual FoxPro

Sending Internet E-mail

Question: I am trying to send e-mail from my PowerBuilder app to an e-mail address that is not in my address book; it’s an Internet e-mail address. I do not have any trouble sending e-mail inside the company. We use GroupWise and I tried adding “GWIA:” to the beginning of

Different Toolbar Text from Toolbar Tip Text

Question: How do I get short names for my toolbar text, but longer text for the toolbar tips? For example, I’d like the toolbar tip to read “Usage Statistics” but only show “Usages” as the toolbar text. Answer: You need to use the toolbar text attribute in the menu painter.

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