September 14, 1999

Determine if a Form is Open

Question: I have this real cool function to determine if a Form is Open which works fine in Access 97, but not in VB 6.0 because it does not support

Answering SQL Queries in Excel

Question: I’ve got an Excel workbook composed by a series of pages (worksheets). One of them is called ‘Wholesales’. I’ve tried to retrieve values even with basic syntax: select *

SQL Standard for Concatenation

Question: What is the SQL standard for concatenation? Answer: In SQL Server, you can do something like SELECT “Me” + “You” gets you MeYou In Oracle, I believe the symbol

Performing a Word Search in SQL

Question: How do I perform a word search in SQL? I want to find all rows containing the word “time” by itself and not any rows containing “time” as part

Converting from Varchar to Number

Question: I have a table that contains numbers defined as varchar. How do I convert from varchar to number? Answer: Try using the CONVERT function. If that is not an

Asynchronous Processing

Question: I have written an ActiveX EXE. that handles Batch Reporting requirements on a large amount of data. Even though it is an Out-of-Process “server”, it still seems to execute

Overriding a Deprecated Function

Question: I have a class that extends one class and implements an interface.The interface requires a getName() method.At the same time the class I am extending has a getName() functionthat

Finding the Identity Fields

Question: I am working on a database program that will insert random data into all fields in the database. What the program is supposed to do is look for field