September 14, 1999

Determine if a Form is Open

Question: I have this real cool function to determine if a Form is Open which works fine in Access 97, but not in VB 6.0 because it does not support

Retrieving the Greatest Value from a Group

Question: I have a table like this one: Day_Period_Money (daydate date, period number, amount number); Here is an example of some data: daydate period amount01/01/99 1 1001/01/99 2 2001/01/99 3

Returning a Certain Number of Rows

Question: How do I get a query to return only a certain number of rows? For instance, a search criterion might return 100 rows, but I only want to see


Question: Since there are no pointers in Java why is there aNullPointerException? Answer: It is a bit misleading to say that Java does not have pointers.Reference variables are very similar

Removing a Duplicated Item

Question: I have tried the following code: SELECT distinct title, id from table where …..order by title and it returns: A 001A 002B 003 The result I want is: A

Creating a Schedule Timetable

Question: I have a table with five columns. They are “No. of People,” “Tour1,” Tour2,” “Tour3,” and “Tour4.” I want to set up a query that shows me how many

Inactivity Timeout

Question: I’d like incorporate an inactivity timeout for an application.When there is no mouse or keyboard activity in the application fora certain period of time, I want to close all

Answering SQL Queries in Excel

Question: I’ve got an Excel workbook composed by a series of pages (worksheets). One of them is called ‘Wholesales’. I’ve tried to retrieve values even with basic syntax: select *