September 15, 1999

Using SQL Server Query Analyzer to Export Query

Question: How do I use SQL Server Query Analyzer to export a query to a text file? I need it pipe-delimited. I think if you can show me how to export it, I can format it using the commands from SQL mail. I’ve seen a lot of other people asking

Understanding Memory Pages and Page Alignment

System memory is divided into units that are called “pages”. A page consists of 4,096 bytes (4K) on Intel architectures, and on Alpha systems it consists of 8,192 bytes (8K). A memory address is said to be “page-aligned” if it’s the address of a page beginning. Thus, on 4k page

Set the Original Size of the Transaction Log File to a Reasonable Size

In SQL Server 7.0, you should set the original size of the transaction log file to a reasonable size to prevent the file from expanding automatically as more transaction log space is required. As the transaction log expands, a new virtual log file is created. Also, write operations to the

Choose the Right Value of User Connections Parameter

User Connections parameter is used to set the maximum number of simultaneous connections to SQL Server. However, the actual number of connections may be less, depending on database environment. The maximum value to which this parameter can be set is 32,767. However, this value is based on available memory and

TreeToys Class

VB2TheMax’s friend J.Swierz has sent us this great class module, that lets you add fancy and eye-catching tooltips to TreeView controls, that appear when you scroll the control with the mouse. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and the tooltip can include an icon and/or the complete path