September 28, 1999

Const & Efficiency

Question: Can you tell me which of these implementations is more efficient and why, assumming this function cannot be inlined and is called often? First option: int even( int &val){if

Mathmatical Functions: Decimals

Question: How can I read only from one side of the decimal in VB6? I need to get .4286 from a value of 22.4286. I also need to know how

IIS – Manipulating the Metabase

Question: I have been trying to change settings for the IIS server in order that I can set the flag to allow an out-of-process Active X EXE Server to be


Question: I’m porting a UNIX app to NT; one of the class hierarchies includes something like this: template class base{ // stuff};template class derived : public base, public base{ //


Question: When creating an input dialog box with JOptionPane.showInputDialog, isit possible to have a masking character, such as the * for password input? Answer: As implemented in the Sun JDK,