October 5, 1999

Minimizing Window Shortcut Key

Question: I can press Windows Key + M to minimize all windows, but how do I minimize only the current window without using my mouse? Answer: Well, I can give you a three-key combination. Hit Alt-Spacebar to bring up the System menu and then hit the N key to minimize

Making the Permissions Tab Appear

Question: I am trying to set up delegate rights on different clients in a domain. However, when I try to pull up the Properties tab on folders on some of the machines, the Permissions tab doesn’t appear. On some machines it is there. I have reinstalled Outlook logged on to

Use a Data Stream as a Source for DOMDocument

Question: Instead of using: oXML.Load “c:program filesxml notepadAppntmts.xml” I want to do something like: oXML.Load Command() where the Visual Basic Command function returns an XML formatted data stream passed on the command line. In the previous example, the Load accepts the string without complaint, but none of the document properties

Applications that Benefit from Using XML

Question: What types of applications can I use XML in? Also, how do I convert my existing ASP-based applications into XML? Answer: While there really isn’t any application that probably couldn’t use XML, at least in a Web environment, there are several applications that really benefit from it: Any Web

View-only Admin Permissions

Question: Is there an NT Account Operator equivalent in Exchange? Answer: Yes, in a manner of speaking. To give a user, such as an assistant, permissions to create, modify, and delete Exchange mailboxes, you need to give that person what’s called “View-only Admin” permissions. To do that, start the Exchange

Don’t Get Cached

Adding this META tag: to the document prevents the Web page from being cached by the browser. This tag ensures that a new copy of the document will always be retrieved from the site, even during the user’s current session. This is done regardless of how the user has set

Using Recordset::GetString()

You can use GetString() method of ADODB.Recordset object if you want to dumpthe complete table in an active server page. GetString() method returns thecomplete recordset as a string. You can specify the number of rows in therecordset to return. All rows will be returned if this parameter is notspecified, or