October 6, 1999

Display Queries in an Excel Workbook

Question: I’ve developed an application using JavaScript to access Oracle database and display results in sets of tables on an HTML page. Recently, I got a request to place the

Sending Many Database Rows with XML

Question: Is there a way to select a structure of a database row and send it once from a server to a client and after that send thousands of rows?

Apply an XSL Filter to an XML Document

Question: I copied an XML document and an XSL document out of my XML for Dummies book. It said that to make the XSL document affect the XML document, I

What Is an XML Server?

Question: What is an XML server and how would I use it? Answer: There are a number of possible answers, depending upon the specific product. However, typically an XML server

Set Tab Order in a Hurry

Setting up the control tab order can be unruly-a sore point with many VB developers. In fact, in Jeff Hadfield’s recent editorial, “Five Things You Hate About VB6” [Editor’s Note,

Extend the Timeout of an ASP

It is possible to set a default timeout value for your Web application via Internet Service Manager. However, there are occasions when an ASP might process longer than this default

Treat the User to Consistency Between Sessions

It is common for an application to retain user preferences between sessions.In Java, the java.util.Properties class provides you with a simple, elegantmechanism for storage and management of properties. An extension

Add a Document Name to Your Printouts

I wanted to distinguish between different print jobs. I tried to find a way to set the print job name that appears in the printer queue, but even some nasty