October 7, 1999

Select Proper Cursor and Lock Types

You can improve performance of your ADO applications by properly selecting the Cursor and Lock Types while opening the recordsets. Cursor Type indicates the type of the cursor the provider

Cloning a Recordset

You can use Clone() method of ADODB.Recordset object to create a duplicate recordset object from an existing recordset object. An important advantage of this method is that instead of creating

Using Request Variable Arrays

As ASP programmers, we use the Request variable to retrieve information from our Web users. In a previous Web tip I showed how we could extract the values from a

Detect Swing Version

Sun changed swing naming convention from to javax.swing.This created a bit of confusion, but you can exploit it to see what versionof swing is installed in a browser, or

Date Comparison in Java

To compare dates in Java you have two choices:1. Create java.util.Date objects based on the dates that you’d like tocompare. use “public long getTime()” method of each date object to

Manipulate Your Code Window in VID

There are many ways to help you manipulate your way through the VID MDI child code windows. Here are a few shortcut keys that can help. Ctrl-Up Arrow: Scroll up

A Free Copy of the C++ Standard

The following site offers a slightly outdated version the C++ standard free of charge: The differences between this version and the latest version of the standard are mostly editorials

Get a Free XML Parser for C++

XML4C is a validating XML parser written in C++. It enables an application to read and write XML data. Two shared libraries provide classes for parsing, generating, manipulating, and validating