October 8, 1999

Losing Decimal Places While Updating a Column

Question: I have two columns in a table called “bak”: distance, and trig. The distance value is equal to 1/trig. When I perform the following query: update bakset distance =

Number of Records Returned By a Query

Question: How can I get the number of records returned by a query without cycling through all the records and counting each one? Answer: Have you tried SELECT COUNT(*) FROM

Automatic Mail Forwarding

Question: How can I get Exchange to forward e-mail to an AOL or ATT account automatically? We have traveling users who have AOL or ATT accounts and would like all

Loading a Database into Oracle

Question: I am a student. Is there a way to load a database into Oracle to run my exercises? Answer: I’m not sure I can help you because there’s more

VB5-to-SQL 7.0 Connection Problem

Question: I need your assistance to solve the following: I am using an RDO connection to connect to a SQL 7.0 database, and I am using the server-side cursor technique

Pulling Values Together from Two Fields

Question: How do I merge two values from separate fields using SQL? An example would be taking the LastName field and placing it before the FirstName field like this: “LastName,

Doing a GROUP BY Statement

Question: How do I do a “group by” SQL statement? I want to return all rows and columns with ** records. Here is the data sample: columnA columnB columnCAAA 2334

Outer Join Problem

Question: I am having trouble getting the following type of join to work. I have three tables: Application, College_hist, and School_Info. Application has student ID numbers that identify the person

Leaving Messages on the Server

Question: I have upgraded from Outlook Express to Outlook 98. Previously I was able to leave messages to a particular e-mail recipient on the server. With Outlook 98 I no