October 8, 1999

Losing Decimal Places While Updating a Column

Question: I have two columns in a table called “bak”: distance, and trig. The distance value is equal to 1/trig. When I perform the following query: update bakset distance =

Doing a GROUP BY Statement

Question: How do I do a “group by” SQL statement? I want to return all rows and columns with ** records. Here is the data sample: columnA columnB columnCAAA 2334

Outer Join Problem

Question: I am having trouble getting the following type of join to work. I have three tables: Application, College_hist, and School_Info. Application has student ID numbers that identify the person

Leaving Messages on the Server

Question: I have upgraded from Outlook Express to Outlook 98. Previously I was able to leave messages to a particular e-mail recipient on the server. With Outlook 98 I no

Parameter Setting

Question: I need to know how to write SQL to ask for a date range and run the query on that range. Can you help me? Answer: I think it

Moving a SQL Database to Another Server

Question: I have a SQL database on our production NT server and need to move the database to another NT server. I used the Database/object transfer in Enterprise Manager to

Training Management Companies

Question: I am with a large Fortune 500 company looking for a training management solution to produce CBT courses, organize, and report on skill-based courses and instructor-led courses on our

Creating a Database from Access

Question: I just installed SQL 7 on my server and have an Access database that contains a lot of information. How do I create a SQL database? Also, is there

Difference Between Two Dates

Question: What is the difference between two dates, date1 and date2, when date2 is in the next record? Answer: Use this code: select datediff(laterone.date1, earlierone.date1) from table earlierone, table lateronewhere