October 11, 1999

Redundancy After SELECT

Question: I need to have a result from a SELECT query with all the rows containing “word1” in column 1 and all the rows containing “word2” in column 2. If

Journal Entries Appearing to Users

Question: Why do Journal entries within a (slightly) customized contacts database in Public folders only appear to the user who logged the Journal entry? All other fields in the contact

Filtering Junk E-mail from My In-box

Question: Could you please explain how to trap the e-mail ID from the In-box, so that I can filter my incoming junk mails? Answer: Filtering junk mail is tricky business

Group By Statement

Question: How do I use the Group By statement in SQL Query? Answer: Group By is a way to collapse a result set around a textual value summarizing its contents

Counting Specific Records

Question: How do I count the records for a specific field? For example, I’m building a table for homes in a county. In the table are fields for cities and

Formatting Data in Tabular Form

Question: I use SQL 6.5 in an industrial setting. I have an application that writes a new record into the database every time a pallet blocks a photoswitch. After 24

Custom Right-Mouse-Click Menus

Question: How do I customize the mouse’s right-click menu? That is, instead of Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Delete in Edit-Masks, etc., I would like to display my custom menu,