October 14, 1999

ADO Data Control

Question: I hope that you might be able to help me with the problem I am experiencing. I am developing an application in VB6 using ADO Data Control. I need

Difference Between Subs and Functions

Question: As new to Visual Basic, I am having trouble understanding the difference between Sub a Procedure and a Function Procedure. And I would also like to know where and

Adding a New Label at Run Time

Question: I have been unable to add a new label onto my form at run time because the ‘new’ command doesn’t seem to work for a label. What’s the best

Arctan Function Problems

Question: I have to use the arctan function but there are onlyarcsin and arccos in VB. And arctan is not equal toarcsin/arccos. I have lost almost all of my trigonometry

Loading Dynamic Forms

Question: I have a menu system that loads the name of a form into the appropriate menu item. How would you load the form from that item, considering that when

Check if Provider Supports Transactions

A transaction can be defined as a related set of operations that read and modify data in a single batch. Every transaction should follow the ACID rule, where ACID stands